Wood Key

Boosting wood biomass energy market as a key for regional energy transition



1.114.206,99 EUR



The project Wood Key is designed as a continuation and extension of the project activities of the project contracted within the 1st Call for Proposals – Renew Heat. The main objective of the Wood key project is to encourage the transition of the energy sector through the use of wood biomass as the main energy source for heating in the targeted cross-border area. The plan is to change approach of the cross-border local communities in energy use by switching to low-carbon energies, thereby contributing to decarbonization and developing a regional market that makes optimal use of available resources. The project approach is reflected in investments in technical infrastructure in public facilities (installation of biomass boilers with a total capacity of 1.8 MW), capacity building of local participants through educational activities and preparation of strategic documents that are crucial for future investments in the energy sector.


The Lead partner, North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency (REGEA) (HR) has taken the lead in implementing this project and coordinating the partnership. Besides performing the duties assigned to Lead partner, REGEA will have a significant role in assisting all partners in implementing the core activities related to the installation of biomass boiler and implementation of the innovative heat contracting model. That model in its full version involves private investor which invests funds in reconstruction of heating system in public building and replaces oil boiler with biomass boiler and provides full heating service – full care of heating system, biomass supply and heat supply on contracted price to repay his investment in 7-12 years. Through Wood Key project, the light version of heat contracting will be conducted which doesn’t include private investor and private funds but only provides full heating service from the specialized company in the period of two years.  REGEA will also directly implement educational activities on sustainable use of biomass, innovative business model – heat contracting and energy savings in Croatia and assist partners in BA and ME.

The main role of Project partner 2, Karlovac County (HR) is implementation of the investment in joint biomass heating system for 2 schools in Ogulin. Other activities are related to preparation and execution of the innovative heat supply contract.

Project partner 3, Development Agency of Una-Sana Canton Bihać – RAUSK (BA) has main role in active involvement in preparation of Strategy on renewable energy sources and Investment platform by providing input and data. Investment platform will be the catalogue of projects for potential heat contracting investors with full information and investment studies on 14 projects and basic information on 10 or more potential projects. Platform also includes investment calculator as a decision support tool for potential investors. RAUSK  will also coordinate all activities for Bosnia and Herzegovina and organize 2 day workshop and education for public stakeholders.

Project partner 4, City of Bihać (BA) is responsible for the implementation of investments on the domestic territory and the heat supply model. The main activity concerns the investment in the recreational facility in Bihać.

Project partner 5, Municipality of Herceg Novi (ME) has main role in implementation of heating system for sports center in Herceg Novi and preparation and implementation of the innovative heat contracting model which is a novelty in Montenegro. Other activities are related to organization and implementation of education and communication on local level, such as 2-day workshop on heat contracting, workshop on energy efficiency for public sector, Biomass open day and Energy info day in schools.


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