Innovative Trauma and Injury Management Practices for Improved Patient Care in Cross Border Area



1.116.029,99 EUR



The TELE.DOC project aims to improve the treatment of trauma patients through investments in existing health care services of three hospitals in Kotor (ME), Dubrovnik (HR) and Mostar (BA). Telemedicine is becoming an increasingly important part of the health care system as it has the potential to be a cost-effective way of expanding access to excellent medical care. Therefore, the project seeks to establish an ICT-based network and enable audio-visual communication, medical data exchange, and consultations between trauma care departments on a real-time basis.The acquisition of specialized medical equipment (805.718,00 EUR) and capacity building activities for key medical staff (36 persons) will increase the quality of hospital and out-of-hospital care for more than 1468 trauma patients in three countries.


The Lead partner, General Hospital Kotor (ME), is in charge of setting up the telemedicine network and organizing joint practical trainings for key medical staff in three hospitals. The General Hospital Kotor will also invest efforts in coordinating partners and ensuring effective implementation of activities.

Project partner 2, The General Hospital Dubrovnik (HR) is responsible for organization the thematic conference on the use of telemedicine in the care of trauma patients. The aim of the conference is promotion of different telehealth programs and good practice examples in trauma management.

Project partner 3, Public Institution Cantonal Hospital “Dr Safet Mujić” Mostar (BA) will acquire new equipment for trauma care department and improve hospital care of trauma patients. Key medical staff will attend a 3-day internationally accredited European Trauma Course covering the complete spectrum of trauma management.

Project partner 4, Kotor Municipality (ME) is responsible for coordination of the communication and promotion activities and ensuring quality media coverage for the TELE.DOC project. The partner will also acquire a rescue life boat equipped for water rescue and rescucitation of injured persons.


Project TELE.DOC organized a thematic conference on telemedicine

Project TELE.DOC organized a thematic conference on telemedicine that was held in Dubrovnik on 2 February 2022. The aim of the project is to improve the application of telemedicine in the care of trauma patients through the acquisition of specialized medical

Public Call for Acquisition of Training Services

Dubrovnik General Hospital (Opća bolnica Dubrovnik), as a Project partner in project TELE.DOC with financial assistance from the Interreg IPA Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020, intends

Standard advertisement for local open tender procedures

Contract title: Medical equipment within the project “Innovative Trauma and Injury Management  Practices for Improved Patient Care in Cross Border Area – TELE.DOC”, Contract number HR-BA-ME316 Publication reference: T-02-TELEDOC/2020 Public

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