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Project Flood & Fire aims to strengthen the capacity of local communities to prepare for and mitigate the impact of natural and man-made disasters. The frequency and intensity of natural disasters has increased in recent years, with further increases expected in the future. The project is focused on disaster risk reduction activities that can be applied in many circumstances, but in particular in the event of naturally occurring disasters, such as floods and fires. Floods and fires are among the most devastating weather-related events in Europe and a growing risk for disaster-prone communities. The project will set up a Communication Centre for Disaster Management in Herceg Novi (ME) to serve as a platform for better coordination of disaster risk management initiatives at the cross-border level. More than EUR 1,2 million of the funding for this project is invested in the acquisition of emergency response vehicles and advanced personal protective equipment for firefighters. The project also supports a range of capacity building activities aimed at improving the readiness of emergency responders at all levels.


The Lead partner (LP), Municipality of Herceg Novi (ME) is in charge of coordinating partners and ensuring effective implementation of activities. Besides performing the duties assigned to LP, Municipality of Herceg Novi has a leading role in developing an early warning system (EWS) based on monitoring and forecasting of water-related hazards. In addition, this partner is responsible for the overall management and efficient running of the Communication Centre for Disaster Management in Herceg Novi.

Project partner 2, Municipality of Konavle (HR) is coordinating project activities in Croatia, with a particular focus on developing the preparedness measures to limit the adverse impacts of forest fires. More than 290 000 Euro is apportioned for the acquisition of firefighting equipment (one forest fire-fighting vehicle, one all-terrain vehicle, ten two-way radio transceivers and twenty-five personal protective suits for firefighters and water rescuers).  

Project partner 3, City of Trebinje (BA) and Project partner 4, Municipality of Ravno (BA) are focused on increasing the efficiency of emergency response services. Project partners tend to achieve this by investing in specialized firefighting equipment, such as all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), mobile flood and fire intervention systems and quality protective suits for firefighters and water rescuers. Local firefighters and other emergency responders will be trained to operate the specialized equipment in a safe, efficient and controlled manner. Furthermore, the partners are responsible for organizing two practical drills for firefighters and water-rescue teams covering a wide variety of different scenarios comparable to real world settings.

Project partner 5, Institute for the Progress and Development of Herzegovina (BA) is responsible for the coordination, development and implementation of capacity building activities. The project supports a range of capacity building events aimed at improving the readiness of emergency responders at all levels. In addition, this partner has a leading role in managing information on social media platforms and creating a variety of promotional materials for target audiences.


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