Improving Accessibility and Availability of Health and Social Services to Enhance Social Inclusion Quality for Children and Youth with Developmental Disabilities



581.216,23 EUR



The main objective of the ASIQ project is to increase the accessibility, availability and quality of the provided health and social care services for children and youth with developmental disabilities in cross-border area through new service for diagnostics of hearing and speech. This goal is to be achieved through several components as the project will enable procurement of modern diagnostic and medical equipment, transport vehicles and the improvement of knowledge and skills of medical staff and social workers. Moreover, small scale adaptation works in will create better conditions and services  for children as well as for the social workers.


The Lead Partner, City Development Agency (BA) is responsible for organising training programmes for social workers from the Programme area working in this field. The partner will also invest efforts in coordinating partners and ensuring effective implementation of all activities.

Project partner 2   Public Institution Center “Protect me” Banja Luka (BA) is responsible forprocurement of necessary medical equipment in order to improve the diagnosis and specialist treatment of children with disabilities. The partner will also aquire necessary equipment for practical work and vehicle for transportation of children.

Project partner 3 Public Institution Center for Education and Upbringing and Rehabilitation of Hearing and Speech Banja Luka (BA) is in charge of ensuring better conditions for its students. This will be secured through procurement of advanced medical and practical equipment as well as logistic equipment and transportation vehicle that is used for daily purposes.

Project partner 4 Public Institution Resource Center for children and youth “Podgorica” – Podgorica  (ME) is responsible foradaptataion works in order to provide better conditions of 5 practical cabinets: somatopedic, typhlological and speech therapist services, kitchen and laundry room.

Project partner 5 Primary school Voštarnica – Zadar (HR) is responsible for providing assistive technologies equipment and equipment for sensor integration that will help students. The partner will also aquire necessary equipment for teaching purposes and vehicle for transportation of children.


Photos, videos and materials published on this website are property of the ASIQ project and are used with the permission of project partners.

Open tender within project ASIQ

Primary school Voštarnica – Zadar, published an open tender for a supply contract for procurement of „Assistive technologies equipment, equipment for sensor integration, medical equipment and multimedia equipment“. Procurement is implemented

Project partners can be contacted via project website.

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