The 4_2.1. version of the eMS has been released, offering new functionalities and better stability for everyday work

As the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat are continuously improving the electronic Monitoring System, the new 4_2.1. version will ensure more efficient work and less technical difficulties for project beneficiaries.

The most relevant changes in the eMS are explained below:

  • Added project state for terminated projects. A new project state for projects for which the subsidy contract was terminated.
  • Bug fixes and security improvements. The following technical improvements have been implemented in the Reporting section:
    • The supplementary information Tabs after the modification procedure no longer disappears.
    • Recalculate flatrate button is hidden. It was added some time ago to fix an issue with the flatrates and is not needed anymore. It could also lead to some issues so it was hidden.
    • Project expenditure spending profile in project livingtabes now adds up forecast of all partners. Also new spending forecast from partner reports (the detail forecast) is now taken into account for the global forecast. Projects under modification and finalized are no longer excluded from the table.
    • After the approval of the FLC sitting duck, the sitting ducks now allocate to the right report in the global list of all reports.
    • The correct email address is displayed on the new FLC Report template.
  • Issue with automatic calculation of contribution at submission time was changed. If the report was submitted in a different month than generated and exchange rate was changed, the automatically calculated contribution was not adjusted to the new total value.
  • Select all attachments function in the application form is working properly now.

For additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact our eMS officer via e-mail .

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