Stay Safe in the Sun: MELAdetect comes to an end

Rounding up a 26-month cooperation, partners of the MELAdetect project have organized a premiere of an educational movie made within the project to raise awareness on melanoma, titled »Stay Safe in the Sun«. 

High rates of melanoma occur in Mediterranean countries due to high insolation levels. This was a starting point for partners of the MELAdetect project to start a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about melanoma, focusing on the importance of its early detection and latest treatment options. If detected in an advanced stage, melanoma leaves little possibility for successfully treating affected patients. On the other hand, early detection of melanoma increases the patient`s chances of survival by up to 95%. Partners of MELAdetect have addressed this issue through an educational campaign to contribute to prevention and improve early diagnosis of skin, mucosal and ocular melanoma. 

The premiere of the “Stay Safe in the Sun” educational movie was organized in Bar, Montenegro, on 22nd August 2019. The movie covers a story of a patient seeking advice about changes happening on his skin and in this way keeps track of the whole process from detecting the change, through diagnostics, monitoring the change itself up to its treatment.  

The educational campaign included educational workshops for health professionals, info days for the public and developing a picture book for children titled “Careful in the Sun”. In addition to raising awareness about this topic, the MELAdetect partnership procured modern medical equipment, organized trainings for medical professionals and non-health workers and created a network of health and medical professionals in the cross-border area in order to share their experiences. This will allow MELAdetect to continue educating people on ways how to detect, prevent and treat melanoma. 

The MELAdetect project is implemented by five partners from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro within the Programme Priority Axis 1: Improving the quality of the services in public health and social care sector. The total budget of the project is 652.427,90 EUR and the total EU co-financing is 554.563,70 EUR of ERDF and IPA II funds. The project started on 1 June 2017 and is expected to finish on 31 August 2019.

Find out more info about MELAdetect on their project profile.


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