Implementation presentations for the 2nd Call for Proposals projects

Upon publishing Project Implementation Manual (PIM) for the 2nd Call for Proposal on Programme website in March, the Managing Authority and Joint Secretariat planned to organize several implementation workshops in order to provide support to beneficiaries in project implementation. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and preventive measures taken regarding the spreading of the virus, all Programme events were postponed, as well as implementation workshops.

In order to facilitate beneficiaries of the 2nd Call for Proposals in starting their projects, the planned workshop presentations and materials are now available on our webpage.

Please find all the materials below:

1. Legal requirements and start of the project – rules relevant for the project implementation, contractual obligations, key steps in the initial phase of the project implementation

2. Partner progress report – timeline for reporting, creating and filling in a report, verification process, eligibility of expenditures

3. Project progress report – timeline for reporting, creating and filling in a report, verification process, project closure

4. Project modifications – rules on modifying the project, minor and major modifications

5. Visibility, Publicity and Communication – obligations and recommendations for applying the Programme visual identity on most common promotional materials and communication measures

6. Public Procurement – general principles of public procurement, procurement rules, financial thresholds and related procurement procedures

7. Procedure for the exemption of the VAT – procedures in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro

8. Anti – fraud policy – detecting, reporting and preventing irregularities and fraud, anti-fraud measures

9. Irregularities in public procurement – examples of irregularities in public procurement

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