Becharac & Ganga inaugurates new square in Tomislavgrad

After winning a prize at the Global India International Film Festival for best documentary film, the Becharac & Ganga carried on with project implementation and constructed the Square of Ganga in Tomislavgrad. 

The Becharac & Ganga project, dedicated to introduce new tourist offer based on the region’s rich cultural heritage, used ERDF and IPA II co-financing to construct new public infrastructure in Tomislavgrad. After 24 months of intensive construction works including constructing the city square, reconstructing the building of the Cultural Information Center and equipping the modern visitors center, works amounting 520.000 EUR have now been completed. All these actions have been implemented in order to protect intangible cultural heritage of the cross border region and simultaneously create an impact on local economies with new and diversified touristic products in Tomislavgrad and Pleternica. 

Project partners from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia welcomed a great number of visitors at the inauguration ceremony held on 28 June 2019 at Tomislavgrad’s new square, which was followed by a cultural programme and gastronomic fair inspired by the traditional cultural heritage unique to this area. The new square, titled Trg gange i hajdučke družine in national language, is now a starting point for all visitors and tourists coming to discover the culture and gastronomy of Tomislavgrad and its region.

Finally, another inauguration is expected in Slavonia in August, where project partners from Pleternica will soon inaugurate the Square of Bećarac and further develop the cross-border tourism and attract more tourists to these parts of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

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The Becharac & Ganga project involves five partners from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro and is co-funded with 1.961.098,00 EUR of ERDF and IPA II funds of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme Croatia – Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro 2014-2020. The project started on 1 June 2017 and is expected to finish on 30 September 2019.


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