Programme evaluation

Programme evaluations are carried out in order to assess the effectiveness, efficiency and impact of the programme. The programme has been subject to an ex-ante evaluation of independent evaluators with the aim to improve programme quality and to optimise the allocation of budget resources. The recommendations of this evaluation have been taken into account during the drafting of this programme as described in ex-ante report.

During the implementation of the Programme, the aim of the evaluation is to assess how support from the funds has contributed to the objectives for each Priority Axis. All evaluations, recommendations and follow-up actions will be examined and approved by the JMC.

In accordance with Article 56 of the CPR, the Managing Authority prepared the Evaluation plan that was approved by Joint Monitoring Committee decision from 30 November 2016.

In line with the Evaluation plan, the Programme is currently under the process of operational evaluation with the aim of assessing the effectiveness and efficiency of the Programme management and procedures, Programme implementation and Programme communication strategy implementation. The operational evaluation is envisaged to be completed by October 2019.

As regards to ex-post evaluation of the Programme, it lies within the responsibility of the European Commission.

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