On May 5th, the event “Days of Chestnut Honey” was held in Vojnić at the municipal square. The event was attended by exhibitors from Vojnić, Krnjak and Velika Gorica. 6 exhibitors were presented with their honey products, especially chestnut honey:
• IŠEK beekeeping, Velika Gorica
• Beekeeping Turkalj, Velika Gorica
• OPG Mihajlo Zirić, Krnjak
• OPG Anušić, Vojnić
• Association of beekeepers “Kesten”, Vojnić
• Creative Association “Ruke”, Vojnić

Professor Nikola Kezić hold a lecture on the topic “The economic and environmental value of chestnut honey for the area Petrova gora”.

The event was magnified by the performances of the Folklore Societies Sveti Ante-Herceg-Bosna from Tušilović and Sveta Ana-Vučjak from Karlovac.

Link: http://www.vojnic.hr/sadrzaj.php?gs=44