Study tour within the Renew Heat project

Biomass suppliers and entrepreneurs related to biomass sector from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated in a 3-day collaborative lab and study tour in Croatia which was organized from 7 to 9 November by the REGEA within the Renew Heat project.
The main goal of this study tour was to show the best case examples of innovative heat production and supply such as district heating plant in Pokupsko and heat contracting projects in Karlovac and Ozalj. The participants also visited wood logs production facility in Jastrebarsko with the purpose of knowledge and technology ideas exchange. The Energy Centre Bračak which is managed by the REGEA hosted the participants on the first day of the study tour. They were informed about the history of the castle, its energy refurbishment and smart building concept.
Beside knowledge and ideas exchange, one of the goals of this study trip was networking of biomass entrepreneurs from the cross-border region. The study tour came to an end with a series of presentations and discussion in the Chamber of Crafts of the Karlovačka County.