The Managing Authority would like to inform its beneficiaries that the Visibility Guidelines of the Interreg Cross-border Cooperation Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro have been adopted and are currently available at the Programme
The beneficiaries are strongly advised to consult the Guidelines which provide advice on communication activities within Programme projects. Project partners are requested to follow these Guidelines to ensure adequate visibility of EU contribution to IPA cross-border cooperation projects for the financing period 2014-2020, so that public awareness of the EU action is strengthened, and that a consistent image of EU support is created in the entire Programme area.

Project partners do not have to submit communication products/deliverables to the Programme bodies for approval. However, not complying with the rules on visibility, publicity and communication may result in ineligibility of costs of the products/deliverables, which are improperly equipped with the visibility signs.

Therefore, it is recommendable to consult one’s Project Manager in the Joint Secretariat or Programme Communication Officer should there be any doubts regarding the application of the visibility requirements. However, they cannot confirm the eligibility of expenditure ex ante since the eligibility is established only after relevant controls are performed by the Programme bodies. The First Level Control will accept expenses that were approved prior to the adoption of the Visibility Guidelines related to communication activities.