Sweet chestnut is a deciduous tree related with beech and oak, which can grow up to 25 m in height and annually give more than 200 kg of fruits, and experience age of more than 500 years. It occurs in forest communities with oak and gravel trees, and it is located on the slopes of Učka and the surrounding area of Lovran and Opatija, and most of it is represented in Banovina.
With this investment in the area of Vojnić municipality, the preparation of terrain, the erection and equipping of new, modern plantations of sweet chestnut, the provision of a protective fence was carried out in order to prevent damage to the game and to equip the plant with a simple irrigation system.

By putting in full function of the previously purchased plots, with the application of all agrotechnical measures, a unity of about 1.1 hectares was obtained, which is extremely suitable for the plant of sweet chestnut. In order to prevent the expected damage from vension, the whole new orchard is bounded.
By soil analysis it was found that this land is acceptable for the planting of chestnut plantation, with the application of all agrotechnical measures.
For the total area on which the permanent crop was erected, 99 certified chestnut seedlings were planted. The variety of seedlings are “Bouche de Betizac” and it is bought from
authorized importer of planting material.

All works related to planting were made by the “Poljoprivredno – gospodarska zadruga EKO-RAZVOJ”, Petrinja.
Link: http://www.vojnic.hr/opsirnije.php?id=1971

During the implementation of the project “Promotion and Protection of Chestnut” four educations will be held on the plantation.
The first education was held on April 7, 2018. Education was attended by 40
participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. The method of chestnut planting
has shown, with special emphasis on chestnut diseases, first of all cancer of crust chestnuts and oriental chestnut gall wasp.
Link: http://www.vojnic.hr/opsirnije.php?id=1899