A thematic workshop covering energy efficiency & flood protection topics from Priority Axis 2 of the Interreg IPA CBC Programme Croatia-Bosnia and Herzegovina-Montenegro 2014-2020 is organized by the Managing Authority on 6 November 2018 in Sarajevo.

With the majority of the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina being the river Sava, a number of environmental hazards arise in this area. Key environmental risks are linked to floods and unsustainable usage of natural resources that have caused great damage in the past years. On the other hand, favorable conditions in terms of renewable energy resources are found throughout the programme area, i.e. the power of biomass, biogas, wind, sun, water and geo-thermal power. The diversity of natural elements is seen as a favorable precondition for exploitation of these energy sources.

The situational factors mentioned above have been taken in account when developing the Priority Axis 2: Protecting the environment and biodiversity, improving risk prevention and promoting sustainable energy and energy efficiency and related specific objectives;
2.1 To promote and improve environment and nature protection and management systems for risk prevention and
2.2 To promote utilization of renewable energy resources and energy efficiency.

The Priority Axis 2 directly responds to environment and nature protection needs, risk prevention challenges and aims at strengthening the usage of renewable energies.

During the First Call for Proposals, 44 project proposals have been submitted offering solutions to challenges of the PA 2. Finally, 6 projects have been approved and are currently developing tools and innovative ways of addressing issues concerning energy efficiency and risk management across the Programme area. More information on projects funded as part of the PA 2, as well as projects funded in remaining PA’s of the 1st CfP can be found here.

As the 2nd Call for Proposals opened on 19 September 2018 and will remain open until 20 December 2018, we are organizing the Energy Efficiency & Flood Protection workshop to discuss the Programme needs concerning Priority Axis 2. The workshop will address specific issues of the Intervention logic and Programme indicators, which constitute the backbone of project proposals submitted in 2nd CfP, and will bring together related stakeholders and applicants. The goal is to set up a networking platform in the area of energy efficiency and risk management, in order to encourage new partnerships and project ideas. A presentation covering first-hand experiences on developing and implementing PA 2 project activities will be delivered by project coordinators representing 1st CfP projects.

The event agenda is available here. The venue of the event is hotel Sarajevo (Džemal Bijedić street 169a).

Please register for the event here. Please note that the number of representatives from one institution is limited to two persons. Participation of a maximum of 50 persons is foreseen for the workshop.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Workshop!